Yesterday, Samsung made a big announcement that’s important to gamers at IFA 2014 in Berlin. They didn’t release an AndroidTV box that could game, but they did show off a mini version of the Rift with the Samsung Gear VR.

We knew Sammy was working on a virtual reality headset geared towards mobiles, but we didn’t know they worked on it with the minds behind the Oculus Rift. That said, it makes sense considering the Rift was using the displays from the Galaxy Note 3 in one of their latest kits. The Samsung Gear VR works in a similar fashion, but with one caveat – it only works with the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

As the Gear VR is made to work with mobiles, it’s totally wireless and the Note 4 will function as the gadget’s brain by simply clipping it into the headset. There are some built-in controls on the unit, but a controller of sorts is said to be in the works. We have to assume it will be wireless as well considering the whole mobile

Should you be excited by the new tech? Most definitely. A lot of folks were able to briefly demo the unit and the response has been overwhelmingly positive thus far. It should be a cheaper way to get people to try out VR as it’s essentially just a high-priced accessory for the Galaxy Note 4 when it comes down to it. At this time, we have no idea if Samsung will make the Gear VR work with their other handsets, but its certainly a possibility considering the nature of the device.

As you’d expect, the Samsung Gear VR’s pricing and avialablity is still up in the air at this time. We assume it will arrive in time for Christmas, and possibly alongside the Galaxy Note 4 when it arrives next month. This is likely as it can be sold in a bundle with the new Note, just like manufacturers are doing with smartwatches. As for the price, we’re hearing around $200 but it’s all just speculation at this point. Stay tuned, and we’ll keep you in the loop on the Gear VR as we learn more.