Oh, yay! – Another Angry Birds game! you may groan and mumble when you hear about a new Angry Birds release making it to the app store, but there’s no denying that the franchise has been an absolute success, and at this point there isn’t really much Rovio could do wrong.

Any new release by Rovio is already going to be chewed up by millions of fans as soon as it’s released, and that is certainly the case with the brand new Angry Birds Stella, a new Rovio game that focuses on female Angry Birds characters.

As you can guess, Angry Birds Stella is filled with pink birds, extra colorful terrain, and a new art design approach that makes everything look a lot more friendly to a younger audience. It’s odd that Rovio have opted for a almost completely girls-only roster of birds though; i’m sure a large portion of young male gamers will be turnt away from Angry Birds forever now that Rovio have released in their minds what looks to be some kind of pink, cute monstrosity.

The Angry Bird’s mechanics are written all over Stella, although with the introduction of new birds, we can expect a few new powers – there’s nothing as impressive as the range of abilities the Star Wars spinoffs brought to the franchise, but there’s enough new content to keep Angry Birds fans happy.

Blanca Juti, Rovio’s chief marketing officer, made it clear that Stella wasn’t designed to be ‘just for girls,’ but they hope that the game will attract a larger female audience.

Angry Bird’s Stella is as fun as any Angry Birds game is going to be, and the the female-targeted approach isn’t so obvious that it would make it an odd game for a guy to play, which is relieving. Still, I feel a bit left out.  When are we going to get a Man-gry birds?