Infinity Blade is one of the more iconic iOS games available that has helped developers around the world understand how it’s possible to make a captivating mobile game experience, and now somebody wants to take the story from Infinity Blade and turn it into a short live action film.

Infinity Blade Chronicles is a new in-the-works live action film being produced by Josh Aker, the composer behind the music for the Infinity Blade series, along with a few other mobile titles from the same developer, such as Undertow and Shadow Complex.

Ever since seeing Infinity Blade for the first time, Josh Aker has wanted to turn the story of the franchise into something a little more real, and with the blessing of co-founder of Chair Entertainment, Donald Mustard, he’s now closer than ever to reaching those dreams with a new project that should bring the Infinity Blade story to a new format.

Via Kickstarter, Josh Aker is hoping to raise $480,000 for the short live action film, something that will be based on a script that Josh Aker mentioned took him months to develop. $480,000 is a bit of a long shot for something so ambitious, but Josh Aker has already managed to score close to $100k for the project from fans across the globe.

The Kickstarter campaign for Infinity Blade Chronicles has only 13 days left to go, and with more than $350k left to raise, Josh Aker has a lot of wishing to do.

I’d personally love to see Infinity Blade Chronicles come to life – not only will it give the franchise a chance to show off it’s story potential, but it will also be showing the world that mobile games can be as powerful as any other entertainment medium, and I really hope this will spark enough inspiration to bring more story-driven games to the mobile industry.

You can check out the Kickstarter campaign here.