Our overall verdict "Good"

There are several medical-based mobile games floating around out there, and most involve helping patients survive a deadly disease or disaster. DryGin Studios Bio Inc. doesn’t go that route. Instead, you’ll try to kill the patients by obliterating their autoimmune system any way you can.

Bio Inc. is an interesting twist on the old “save the patient” game as your only goal is to kill the patient by any means necessary. You can’t put a bullet into their head, but you can poison their body from within and cause their systems to shut down until they flat line. It’s not a happy game, but it is quite a bit of fun and more challenging than you’d think.

bio inc

The levels are broken down by patients, and each is a bit different from the next. Your initial case is an unhealthy individual that’s an overweight smoker who sits around all day. It’s not that hard to take them out once you work on the renal system or hit them with the flu. As you’d expect, the professional athlete and “immortal” patients are much tougher to take down.

Bio Inc. is all about medical issues, and there are plenty of maladies to throw at any patient that comes your way. You can attack all vital parts of the body like the Renal, Nervous, and Circulatory system – each one has its own set of diseases as well so there’s a lot of depth when it comes to sicknesses. Seriously, the Bio Inc. has everything from Hypertension and Muscular Dystrophy to Kidney Failure and Depression.

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You inflict issues on your patient with Bio Points, which you earn by tapping on tumors as the pop up in the various systems of the body. It’s not as simple as it seems either – the doctors are trying to cure the patient, so you’re really fighting against the clock. If the doctors win its game over, and if you send your patient to the morgue, you’re awarded some stars based on how well you did.


Bio Inc. is not a “happy” game by any means, but it is quite a bit of fun aside from a few glitches. There are over 100 different conditions to deal with, and 12 stages with different levels of difficulty, so it will definitely keep you busy for a while. Bio Inc. is free to download, and if you want to kill the ads and unlock some extra features you can do so with an in-app purchase.

Bio Inc.