Our overall verdict "Excellent"


If you didn’t know already, every video game is a re-imagination of video games before it, and because of this, there really isn’t any such thing as “idea stealing” or copying within a good video game. There is of course cases where developers try their very best to copy every last detail from a well-selling concept, but there many examples where this not the case. Take Blong for example, a brand new iOS arcade game developed by solo developer Will Carlough that takes the basic nature of Pong and Brick Breaker, and combines them into one simple experience.

Blong, at it’s heart is incredibly simple, but it’s gameplay is surprisingly difficult. If you’ve ever played Brick Breaker, you will know it can be hard to manage multiple balls at the same time as they bounce of bricks and other boundaries within each level, and in Blong this issue never seems to go away.


Blong gives the player two paddles to control in a landscape position, giving a similar layout to Pong, however, the goal for the single player is to keep at least one ball on the screen at all times, and prevent the balls from passing the paddles at all costs. At the start of the game, each paddle is given a ball each, and the paddles are separated by a wall of breakable bricks. As more bricks are broken, more balls start to enter the game.


To make things even more interesting, the player is given just 60 seconds to break the barrier between the two paddles, and failing to do so will end the game.


The graphics in Blong are incredibly simple, but that’s not worth complaining about considering the nature of the game. The sound effects are based off of simple dial tone sounds and are surprisingly relaxing. Blong has no advertisements, and no in-app purchases. Blong is also completely free which is pretty cool.