Once we got through the Flappy Bird craze, we’re were assaulted by a slew one-tap games. It’s died down somewhat, but occasionally a killer quick play game will find its way onto our mobiles. This week it’s ZEZ Rise from the minds behind Shane Arena, Arctic Studios, and it’s our pick for the Android Game of the Week.zez1

ZEZ Rise is a match 3-game disguised as a one-tapper as you just need one finger to play and the action only lasts 60 seconds of so. The premise is simple as well —  you launch a cat with a massive glove  into the air with a punch from some sort of creature with a boxing glove. The kitteh goes up fast, but comes down slowly and that’s a good thing as that’s where the matching madness begins.

Once you’re in the air, you’ll see a 4 x 3 row of creatures appear on the screen. As you slowly fall back to earth, your job is to match the little monsters into rows of three or four which clears them from the pile and throws you a little futher into the air. When your 60 seconds are up, you plummet back to the boxing ring and are given a chance to hit a punch  button (we think) to pop the monster that sent you airborne in the first place. Rinse and repeat…

As mentioned, most games are over in 60 seconds or so, but ZEZ Rise a few extraszez2 that will keep you coming back for more. There are 10 different rocket gloves that can take you to all new heights along with several unlockable perks. There is a “Pro” version of ZEZ that can be unlocked through a $1.99 IAP, but we’re not sure what it brings to the table as for whatever reason, the dev’s didn’t include that info. There are also “extra levels” you can get from tweeting, etc… but again, there’s no explanation.

ZEZ Rising is an awesome little one-tap game that can keep you busy for minutes or hours on end. It will definitely suck you in, and the atmosphere, graphics and soundtrack all fit the game to a T. The only gripe I have, and it’s a minor one, is with the “Pro” version and unlockables as the game could use some more info in those areas. Overall, ZEZ Rising is a solid game that’s well worth a look, and it’s free without the trapping of energy gauges or other paywalls. Well done, and we look forward to Artibit’s next game.

ZES Rising