As gamers, whenever we look forward to a new game, things can get a little nuts – especially when unpleasant news breaks. Such is the case with the upcoming Sons of Anarchy game which has just been revealed to be a tablet game. Needless to say, some fans are a little puzzles and despondent.

A Sons of Anarchy game has been in the works for ages, and the show’s creator, Kurt Sutter, is directly involved in the project. This is s a good thing as the show is excellent, and it’s always an advantage to have the creator involved. Apparently, the idea was pitched to Rockstar some time ago, but it was a no-go which sucks as it would have been the perfect fit. Just let that sink in for a minute before filing it away in the “would have been awesome” files.


The game was originally envisioned as a first-person action adventure game with a hefty dose of motorcycles, leather and a whole lot of ass kicking. Sutter announced on his YouTube show that the game was still coming, but it would be a “high-end tablet game” and it would be “really fucking awesome.” It may not be on a console, but we all know how sexy “good” tablet games can be, and a little gadget called AndroidTV is right around the corner.

Little is known about the Sons of Anarchy game at this time, but as a fan of the show, I sincerely hope that Opie or Filthy Phil make an appearance. Fingers are crossed. Sutter says to expect the game to be out in October, and we’ll be back with a full update as soon as it arrives.

If you haven’t watched Sons of Anarchy yet, go binge out on Netflix before the last season kicks off on September 9th on FX.

Via – Gamespot