The popular tactical RPG title by Stoic Studios, which recently got into a bit of a kerfuffle with Candy Crush maker’s King, has just been confirmed for an Android and iOS release this fall by Stoic’s John Watson. The Banner Saga has been popular on PC for a while now, so it’s great to see the game now making it’s way to mobile platforms.

Unfortunately, The Banner Saga will only be available on tablets, so you’ll have to either pitch out for a tablet if you don’t have one, or resort to playing it on your PC or laptop for the time being instead. On top of being available for iPad and Android tablets, Stoic Studios have made plans to release it for Windows tablets at the same time.

The Banner Saga was originally planned for release on mobile platforms this summer, but it has since been pushed back to September this year. Whilst a full release date has not yet been given, it’s unlikely that the date will change again, considering that September is now so close.

On top of not revealing a full release date, Stoic Studios have yet to release a definite price tag for the tablet version of The Banner Saga. However, it’s likely the game will ask for a pretty penny in terms of mobile game pricing. This is obviously a fair price to pay for a PC-worthy game that is completely free from in-app purchases and hopefully advertisements as well.

Make sure to check back often; we’ll give you an update when we know the full release date for The Banner Saga, and will also be giving the game a full review once it has been released. If you are interested in RPG games, then I’d definitely consider getting The Banner Saga when it is released because it is a very enjoyable title.