It’s only natural that The Men Who Wear Many Hats eventually release a game that actually involves hats. It was bound to happen sooner or later… We first talked about Max Gentlemen way back in October of last year when it was on Kickstarter, and now we’re back to give you the skinny.

Hats are a popular item to include in mobile games. Sometimes they give you special powers while other times they just look damned cool. Max Gentlemen is a game that’s all about the hats, but not in the way you might think. Hat’s aren’t used to amp up the gameplay; instead you’ll stack them on top of various gentlemen’s heads.

Hat stacking is done by “jumping” your hat “into” another one which adds the hat to the stack on your gentlemen’s head. To do this, you’ll have to tap/hold and drag your finger on the screen and release to jump. It took more than a few attempts to really get the hang of it, but once I did, it’s quite a bit of fun. It’s certainly a different way to go about things, but fun nonetheless.Screenshot_2014-08-22-15-30-39

Max Gentlemen lets you stack hats in three different modes with Challenge, Score Attack and Wi-Fi Versus. The goal of the mode depends on the type of levels you select as you can choose from Drinky or Dodgy levels. As the name implies, Drinky levels require you to drink while dodging various flying obstacles and stacking hats while Dodgy levels generally have to dodge a lot of things… and sometimes drink. Wi-Fi mode is self-explanatory, but local only so you won’t be able to stack hats against for Facebook friends unless they’re sitting next to you.Screenshot_2014-08-22-15-17-14

By the numbers, Max Gentelmen offers up three modes of play, eight different characters, and four different levels. As it’s a free game, you’ll only get two levels and two characters to start, but the rest can be had through various unlocking methods in the shop. There’s a bit too much to choose from to be honest, as there didn’t seem to be just one package that lets you unlock everything. The IAP’s are heavy in this one, and it’s a little surprising. As for those hats, there are around 40 of them that range from Viking helmets to a bucket. There’s a lot of variety.Screenshot_2014-08-22-15-26-34

Max Gentlemen is a game full of quirky humor and I’ll admit, I laughed out loud on more than one occasion. Anytime I hear or see a word bubble with, “Damn your eyes” it’s going to get a chuckle out of me. That being said, I was a little disappointed with the game as a whole as there’s just not much to it. It’s a great quick play game, and it’s certainly not pay-to-play, but it somehow feels a bit unfinished or too shallow.

If you want to check out the game it’s free to download, and if you dig Max Gentlemen, you can show your support by picking up some extras from the shop. It’s worth a look for the concept alone, and you can pick it up on Google Play.

Max Gentlemen