The man behind the craze known as Flappy Bird has just released his next game. Well, the third mobile game if you count the Amazon exclusive Flappy Birds Family. A few days ago, we told you it was coming, and now Swing Copters has landed on the App stores.

If you’re looking for a game that will keep you enthralled while infuriating you, Swing Copters is right up your ally. The gameplay is similar to Flappy Bird as you’ll tap on the screen, but we’re going up this time instead of sideways. There will still be plenty of obstacles to avoid, and if you’re good enough, you can show off your tapping prowess on the leaderboards. There are also four medals to obtain that will apparently unlock new characters. Good luck with that.

I was bad at Flappy Bird and I’m absolutely terrible at Swing Copters. I personally think Copters is tougher than Flappy Bird, and it’s not the type of game you’ll want to play if you’re taking blood pressure medicine or are easily enraged. Needless to say, it’s well worth a look if you enjoy games that piss you off. You can check out .GEARS Studios Swing Copters at the links below.

Swing Copters Android

Swing Copters iOS