The Humble Mobile Bundle recently drew to a close, but have no fear as another bundle is here. The Humble Jumbo Bundle 2 has arrived, and it’s bringing seven great games along with it.

The Humble Jumbo Bundle 2 has a little something for every gamer, and there’s enough to keep you busy for months on end. You can pay any price you’d like to receive Deadlight, Galactic Civilizations II: Ultimate Edition, and The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing Complete Pack.

If you pay over the average (currently $5.68) you’ll unlock Crusader Kings II + 3 DLC Unit packs, The King of Fighters XIII and Terraria. It’s worth $6 for Terraria alone. If you’re feeling really generous and donate $15 or more you’ll also get Age of Empires Legacy Bundle. As it’s the bundle, more games will be added soon.humble jumbo bundle 2

As usual, the Humble Jumble Bundle 2 lets you pick the split between the developers, the bundle and two charities with the American Red Cross and Child’s Play Charity. All the games are available for Windows, but you’ll want to check and see which ones run on Linux and Mac’s if you’re not running a Windows-based box. There are around two weeks left in the sale at the time of this writing, but there’s not time like the present if you’re looking to get your game on.

Humble Jumbo Bundle 2