A few months back, Dong Nguyen, the man behind the all-so popular Flappy Bird decided to hide from the sudden popularity and media attention the game gave him by removing his game from the app stores and backing out of any social media. Fast forward a few months, and Mr. Nguyen is back with an even more infuriating game concept, and he plans to release it this Thursday.

The new game has been named Swing Copters, and it’s gameplay is very similar to Flappy Bird, albeit with some slight changes. In Swing Copters, the character on-screen will move automatically left or right, and tapping the screen will direct the character towards the opposite¬†direction.

In the same fashion as Flappy Bird, players must navigate between obstacles that poke in from both edges of the screen. To make things even more difficult than Flappy Bird, Nguyen has added a set of swinging hammers at each obstacle.

The same points system in Flappy Bird is present; going past an obstacle awards the player with one point, and getting hit by an obstacle or flying into one will cause the game to make an irritating splat sound and then send you to the game over screen.

Swing Copters is certainly not that exciting, but undoubtedly Mr. Nguyen has picked up an unprecedented amount of popularity from his previous title, Flappy Bird, that is’ undeniable that Swing Copters will be a hit.

Like mentioned before, Swing Copters will release this Thursday, August 21st. The game will come in two versions; a paid version and a free version. The free version of Swing Copters will come with in-app advertisements, whilst the paid-for version will cost $0.99 and will remove the adverts from the game.

We’ll follow up with a full review on Swing Copters later this week.