The NFL preseason is underway, and fantasy drafts have begun. It’s football time which means Madden 15 and its mobile counterpart are right around the corner. Madden Mobile is gearing up to land on mobiles, and it’s headed to a smartphone or tablet near you on August 26.

Madden Mobile is a port of Madden NFL 15 that’s been optimized for mobiles. That generally means all the fun’s been sucked out, but maybe EA will surprise us this year. As you’d expect, the game offers up an “all new experience” for 2014 and lets you play head-to-head against your buddies or through a full NFL season. Live events were also mentioned, and will included player packs and coins – didn’t think they would leave those out did you?

While they haven’t come out and said it, one would assume that EA will use the freemium model again. That means you’ll be able to snag Madden Mobile for free, but it will be packed full of IAP’s and other roadblocks to fun. Expect a lot of premium packs and several types of in-game currency to go along with all your favorite NFL players and teams.

EA has to know that last year’s version of Madden Mobile went over like a lead balloon, so it will be interesting to see if they change anything up. We’ll be back in a few weeks to give you the lowdown on Madden Mobile, for now you can enjoy Richard Sherman’s big head in the promo pic.

Via – Touch Arcade