Gameloft are pretty renowned for copying the most popular gameplay concepts and bringing them to mobile devices, and one of their most played games is Order and Chaos Online, an MMO that feels so much like World of Warcraft it’s not even funny.

Despite feeling so similar to WOW, Gameloft have done a great job at maintaining Order and Chaos Online, and they have managed to develop it to the point that it’s by far the best MMO experience available on handhold devices, and for a few years, the game was receiving a large amount of paying subscribers each month, something that was pretty unheard of in the app store.

In recent changes, Gameloft have proven that they don’t copy everything about a game, as Order and Chaos Online has just gone free-to-play, a move that World of Warcraft has managed to avoid for many years.

When Order and Chaos Online first came out, the game had an upfront cost, and a monthly subscription that was required for players who wanted to keep playing. On top of that, Order and Chaos Online had a wide range of in-app purchases.

Recently, Gameloft decided to remove the monthly subscription, but kept the initial price tag, and this saw a pretty large new wave of players. However, Gameloft have now taken it a step further and completely removed the price, making Order and Chaos Online completely free.

There are of course still a wide range of in-app purchases available, but the game itself is playable in it’s entirety for completely free. If you’re a fan of MMOs and haven’t had the chance to play Order and Chaos Online, I’d suggest checking it out now, you’ve got nothing to lose. Well, besides from hundreds of hours of your time.

You can download Order and Chaos Online from the app store here.