Our overall verdict "Good"

People have been launching things on mobile devices for years now. If you’ve grown tired of flinging fowl across these screen, you’ll want to look into Kick the Critter from Vasco Games. After spending the some time the game, we’re back with our Kick the Critter Review.kick.critter

Kick the Critter – Smash Him! is the tale of a creature left behind in the midst of a great flood. Apparently, a man in a huge boat full of animals refused to pick M. Critter up, and it’s up to you to “boot” him through the levels until he can catch the boat and escape the coming flood.kick.the-critter

If you have a finger, you’ll have no problem getting down to business in Kick the Critter as it’s beyond simple to play. To send your critter airborne, you simply need to tap on the screen to set the trajectory and again for the power – the gnarly looking machine behind you will take care of the rest. Once you’re flying through the air, the fun begins as your goal it to stay airborne for as long as you can while collecting crystals with faces and smashing things.

M. Critter is a tough little beast, and he can bounce off various creatures in the sky or on the ground. He can also bounce off the ground, but you’ll lose a bit of momentum every time you touch down. Thankfully, there are plenty of beasts on the ground to help you get down the line, and you’ll even get an assist from flocks of bats, cannons and huge robots. You’ll need all the help you can get, as Kick the Critter is tough, and the only control you have once you’re in the air is a tap/lunge move.kick.the.critter

As your soaring through the sky (and plummeting towards the ground) you’ll be able to collect crystals which can be used to upgrade your kicker and monster. There are several upgrades for your beast and several different kick machines and boosts. Kick the Critter is a free-to-play, and there are some ads, but the IAP’s aren’t thrown in your face, and you shouldn’t have to buy anything to beat the game. Well done.kick-the.critter

I was surprised at how much time I spent with Kick the Critter – Smash Him! as it’s the kind of game that creeps up on you. I had burned through a battery by the time I reached the end of area two, and I had a blast getting there. There’s room for improvement in a few areas, but the mechanics are solid, and you have to dig that artwork.

Kick the Critter is well worth your time if you’re looking for a quick play game to keep you busy, and you can pick it up for free on Google Play.

Kick the Critter – Smash Him!