dargon quest

Square Enix has just released a brand new game for the iOS app store, and it can be picked up right now for $14.99. With a price as costly as this, it’s natural to assume that Square Enix are trying to sell a popular franchise here, but according to the app title, Square Enix are currently trying to sell ‘Dargon’ Quest IV.

Ever heard of the Dargon Quest series? No, me neither – it looks as if Square Enix have messed up a little and left a huge typo in the title. Of course, the real name for this new release is Dragon Quest IV, a game that has been the part of an incredibly popular RPG series for many years.

Dragon Quest IV is now the forth game in the series to get the mobile port treatment, and the game is looking pretty good. Square Enix have done a decent job at porting over Dragon Quest IV to mobile devices, and the game works smoothly alongside the touch-based controls.

Whether or not you decide $14.99 is a little too much to spend on Dragon Quest IV is down to just how much you care about the franchise and the RPG genre.

Thankfully, there aren’t any in-app purchases in Dragon Quest IV, so once purchased, you’ve got access to the full game that was released many years ago. In fact, it seems as if the entirety of the original Dragon Quest IV has made it to the mobile version, and besides the controls and the menu navigation, it looks as if the game has been left untouched from it’s original state.

Dragon Quest IV can also be picked up from the Google Play store for Android devices for the same $14.99 price tag. If you’re interested in the iOS version though, you can purchase it from here.