Our overall verdict "Excellent"

I always love trying out new unheard of puzzle games; it’s likely you’ll find some kind of brand new unique concepts that many big developers are a little too scared to try, and honestly, this is where most of the fun begins. Magnetic Pull is a brand new puzzle game with a concept that I haven’t really seen anywhere else. It’s quite difficult, and takes a mixed skill set of depth perception and good timing.

Like many puzzle games, the first level in Magnetic Pull is the easiest, and from there things get progressively harder. Honestly though, the first level took me at least a dozen attempts, and along with it came a frustration that only the most calmest, docile personality types could avoid.

The concept in Magnetic Pull is simple; you hold down on the screen to pull the blue orb into a magnetic curb around the closest node available. The closer the node, the smaller the circle will be, and the longer you hold it, the further you’ll move around that circle.

On the first level, you must use the magnetic pull to navigate round one single right angle bend – it sounds simple, but in practice, it takes a lot more concentration than first thought, and this is just the beginning of Magnetic Pull.


There are a total of 18 different levels on Magnetic Pull, and I only managed to make it past level four in my half hour with the game. I can’t believe to imagine just how devilishly difficult the further levels will be.


I think Magnetic Pull is best suited for those who enjoy pushing their patience and calm composure to the limits; similarly to titles like The Impossible Game, Magnetic Pull doesn’t offer any power-ups, buy-outs or other options that can help players make the levels any easier, and this rigid difficulty really brings up the rage meters.


Magnetic Pull doesn’t have a single sound, and the graphics look as if they were merely drawn within a digital paint program, but I think it’s this childish and honestly incomplete feeling to it that makes the game give off this unnerving silence that leaves you in a room alone with nothing but your building frustration.

If you think you’ve got patience, try out Magnetic Pull – it is free on the iOS store.