Our overall verdict "Good"

Ravenous Games is well-known for their mobile games, and their newest one made its way to Android last week. Devious Dungeon is platformer with RPG elements and some dungeon running thrown in for good measure.

Devious Dungeons takes you on a quest to eradicate an ancient evil that’s awoken in the catacombs of a Hilltop Castle. The kingdom needs a champion to go forth and kick evil’s ass, and they hope you’ve got the stones to do it. It won’t be easy, but it will be quite a bit of fun.devious dungeon

Random is the best word to describe Devious Dungeon as the dungeons are all randomly generated so you’ll never have the same trip twice. Each dungeon requires you to find a key and take it to a portal located somewhere in the level to advance, but you’ll have to get through dozens of enemies to pull that off. You have a health gauge, but when it hits zero, it’s back to the beginning.


Moving your hero is done with two arrows, and you’ve got an attack and jump button as well. There’s a map button that shows your progress in the dungeon along with the portal location if you’ve found it, and you can check the current quests or your stats by pausing the game. The controls are minimal, but work well, and it definitely feels like a platformer with all the enemies and hazards.devious dungeons

You’ll die often in Devious Dungeon, and when you do, you’ll start over in the king’s chamber. From there, you can spend any loot you’ve acquired so you can gear up and go back out. The dungeons are broken down into sets of three, and there are a lot of them – over 60 in plus boss battles. Throw in a slew of weapons, armor and accessories, and you’ve got a game with a lot of depth.


Devious Dungeon can feel a little tedious at times, but that’s just the nature of these types of games. The levels are random, but only to a degree as they will start to feel the same after a while. There seem to be a wide variety of enemies though, and it’s not a game you’re going to be able to walk through in one sitting.

If you’ve enjoyed Ravenous Games other pixely titles or just dig Action-RPG’s with a lot of levels, you’ll want to pick this one up. Dangerous Dungeon is priced at $1.99 with some in-app purchases although they are minor (coin doublers, etc…) and not needed to beat the game.

Devious Dungeon