Square Enix has recently been putting a lot of effort into mobile ports and remakes of some of their most famous titles of the past, but their mobile efforts haven’t just been about porting older games over to the mobile platform. In fact, they have developed a few games exclusively for different mobile devices, with some of those games being related to the Chaos Rings franchise.

If you’re a fan of the mobile-bound series, you’ll be happy to hear that Square Enix have just announced a brand new title in the franchise, Chaos Rings 3.

The second title, Chaos Rings 2, was released some time in 2012, and can currently be picked up for $16. 2 years later, Square Enix have finally decided to reveal their plans for Chaos Rings 3. According to Square Enix, Chaos Rings 3 will release at some point this winter for iOS, Android and PlayStation Vita.

Square Enix previously announced plans to release a free to play variant of the Chaos Rings franchise, however it seems their current focus on the series has been to make a direct sequel to the first two games. Chaos Rings 3 doesn’t have a set release date for most Western territories like Europe or North America, however Square Enix have stated that the game will release in Japan on October 28th.

The price for Chaos Rings 3 in Japan will be 2,800 Yen, which translates to roughly $27, however whether this price will be an accurate representation of the US price is unclear, especially considering Chaos Rings 2 can currently be picked up for almost half that.

Despite planning to release Chaos Rings 3 fairly soon, Square Enix haven’t released many details in regards to the content players can expect to find in the new game. Hopefully we’ll learn more about Chaos Rings 3 leading up to it’s Japanese release in two months time.