Our overall verdict "Good"

Adventure Time – Card Wars has been one of our favorite games of the year, and Cartoon Network dropped a new game from a different franchise last week with The Great Prank War. It’s a game involving characters from The Regular Show, and after spending the weekend flinging eggs and shooting glue, we’re back with our review.

The Great Prank War sends you off on a quest to defeat Gene, the manager of East Pines and your nemesis for this tale. He’s taken over your park and taken out your secret weapon – getting it back falls to on your pals and their pranking techniques. You’ll have to take the park back one tower at a time, as The Great Prank War is a tower defense game with a twist.Screenshot_2014-07-30-01-44-27

The game is broken down into four seasons, and each one has four stages. To make it through a level you’ll have to destroy a tower and build a new one in its place. Once you’ve taken them all over, the enemies gate comes down, and you can attack their base. Demolish the base, beat the level – rinse and repeat.

You’ll start each stage with two characters, but can only control one at a time. You can touch anywhere on the screen to send them in the direction, and if you tap on an enemy or tower, you’ll attack. The characters level up quickly which unlocks special abilities, and if one gets low on health you can pull a tag-team switch to send the other one into the fray. The gameplay is simple, but effective and quite a bit of fun.Screenshot_2014-07-30-12-57-44

The graphics, animations and characters are awesome, but therein lies the rub as there just aren’t enough of them. There are 16 levels in the game, and only four playable characters with Rigby, Mordecai, Skip and Muscle Man. There are boss battles, and you can shoot for 3-star levels, but the game will be over before you know it if you’re experienced with TD games. It’s basically a combination of too short and too easy.Screenshot_2014-07-30-01-43-13

This one’s tough. The game itself is solid, and there’s a lot of polish and eye candy throughout. Fans of the series will certainly be pleased with that aspect of the game. That said, it just feels too damn short as you can blow through it less than 2 hours without any real difficulty. If you want to take it for a whirl, you can pick up The Great Prank War for $2.99 on Google Play and the App Store.