We’ve seen a lot of swipe or tap-based superheroes games over the past year, and soon we’ll be able to add another to that list. Marvel and Kabam are working on a new fighting game, and it goes by the name of Marvel Contest of Champions.

Marvel Contest of Champions will be an arcade-style fighting game in the vein of Marvel vs. Capcom, but sans joysticks and buttons. They didn’t say “swipe or tap-based” but it’s the obvious choice as we’ve seen the mechanic time and time again. Batman Arkham Origins anyone?53d420bd99ee9

The game is said to have RPG elements and a deep, engaging storyline from Sam Humphries. That storyline is based off the 1982 comic that involves two god-like beings putting together teams of superheroes in a contest to collect the Golden Globe of Life. There’s a bit more to it than that, but it was a great comic at the time as it put a lot of Marvel’s finest into one book.

Contest of Champions involved a slew of characters, and one can only hope the mobile game does the same. Plenty were shown in the trailer including Vision, The Hulk, Thor, Juggernaut, Storm, Spiderman, and Captain America just to name a few. As a comic fan, I can only hope they include Captain Britian, Iron Fist, Gargoyle, Black Bolt, and Sunfire among others.53d42082aa8df

We have more questions than answers at this time, but Marvel Contest of Champions could turn out to be a sick game if done right. There’s been no firm release date given, but the game is expected to drop sometime this fall.