Last week was an amazing if you’re an Android gamer as we got a slew of new titles like Modern Combat 5, Let There Be Life, and Paint paint it backit Back. Today we’re going to tell you about Paint it Back, a Picross game from Casual Labs that’s going to suck away your free time one painting at a time.

Picross is a type of puzzle game that’s been around for ages, and while we won’t delve into the gameplay, it’s simple to pick up on. Paint it Back is a Picross game with a story as you’re tasked with “painting back” missing pictures that were stolen by an unlikely character. The goal of the game is to get through one gallery at a time until you repainted all your lost masterpieces.

There are no cheats in Paint it Back and there are no power-ups, timers or other things to deal with. It’s just you and rooms full of empty frames waiting to be brought back to life. You’ll get 30 paintings for free, and there are well over 100 paintings that can be unlocked through an IAP. can unlock several rooms at once or pick them all 13 for $2.99. It’s well worth it, and there are 19 achievements to boot.

I had never played a Picross game in my life before picking up Paint it Back, and I almost cleared the first 2 rooms before stopping for a break. The difficulty ramps up considerable in the latter levels and I can only imagine how tricky things will be in the last set of rooms. If you dig puzzlers or just want to try something different, I highly recommend checking out Paint it Back.

Paint it Back