Batman, Arkham Origins, and all of the other games in the Arkham series have been incredibly impressive. Many critics and reviews have praised the developers of the Arkham franchise, and it looks like the success of the recent Batman games have encouraged Warner Bros. Entertainment to bring a mobile version of Batman Arkham Origins to both iOS and Android.

Compared to the console version, mobile Arkham Origins is a completely different experience. Considering that Batman Arkham Origins is such a fully featured console game, it’s understandable that the mobile version has a different set of gameplay, despite sharing the same name.

In Batman Arkham Origins on iOS and Android, players will be able to fight enemies in an arena that’s styled similarly to many beat ’em up titles such as Street Fighter, Tekken or Injustice: Gods Among Us.

The mobile version of Arkham Origins has a range of different gestures that can be used in combat, as well as an upgrade system that allow players to focus upgrading various skills and abilities Batman can use in the game. Arkham Origins on mobile also has a wide range of unlockables, including over 15 different bat suits, all with their own base health, speed and damage stats.

From my experience, the mobile version of Batman Arkham Origins should be treated as a standalone experience, separate from the main console version, and it’s a great game that can bepicked up and played at pretty much any point in the day, thanks to it’s quick-paced nature of gameplay.

Batman Arkham Origins is also completely free to download, although there is a selection of different in-app purchases that allow players to unlock different equipment and content in-game. If you are interested, you can download Batman Arkham Origins on mobile for iOS here, and for Android here.