Recently, Gameloft, the development studio behind many high-quality mobile games such as the Asphalt and Modern Combat series, ran a competition that offered winners an early access play with Modern Combat 5. However, some silly sod thought it was a nice idea to crack the game and release it to pirates online.

As you can imagine, Gameloft aren’t too happy about the early leak of Modern Combat 5. The upcoming mobile FPS is now one of the biggest games Gameloft have worked on, and they have put hundreds of collective hours working on Modern Combat 5.

Florian Weber, the community manager for Gameloft, wrote on their forums to address the piracy issue, “To anybody who got MC5 already, shame on you! We are making games for you and all you can do is pirate them? Anybody which is talking to me and shows in some way that he already has MC5 will get an instant ban. Seriously, this is why we can’t have nice things.”

Weber went on to mention the methods they are putting in place to stop pirates from playing the game.

“Following the release of several pirated versions of Modern Combat 5 prior the release of the game, we have turned on our anti-piracy systems and now all illegitimate users on a non-official version have been incapacitated.”

“Those who used this pirated version of the game just need to wait for the official game release which is on Thursday July 24. We will continue to stay alert and respond adequately to all hacking attempts.”

Modern Combat 5 was set for release on July 24th, and whilst this date will still remain, it’s a shame that the game was pirated just days before. Personally I’ve been a fan of the Modern Combat series, and the fifth installment looks to offer a lot of brand new experiences. Hopefully the recent piracy won’t cause too many problems for Gameloft.