Our overall verdict "Good"

QuBe - screenshot thumbnail

Dumb Ways to Die managed to scrape together a strange genre of game on the mobile platform that we really haven’t seen elsewhere. When I first saw somebody playing Dumb Ways to Die, I just didn’t see the appeal to it. What can be so interesting about repeating the same actions, again and again?

However, after playing it, I became to appreciate Dumb Ways to Die, and any other game that has followed suite since. QuBe is a brand new iOS and Android title that has similar gameplay to Dumb Ways to Die, and it’s oddly addictive.

In QuBe, the aim of the game is simple; you must follow the instructions on screen before the time runs out. If you fail to follow the instructions correctly, or take too long to do it, you’ll lose a life. After three lives are gone in QuBe, it’s game over and you have to start again.


The instructions aren’t exactly hard – you’ll be given things to do like ‘drag QuBe’ or ‘tap the screen to dodge obstacles.’ Every instruction has some form of interacting with the QuBe characters on the screen, usually via swiping, tapping, dragging or tilting your device.

It sound simple, but as things start to pick up speed, your brain falters a little; it mixes up simple instructions, and you start to wonder why you can’t follow through with what the game is asking. As you lose lives, frustration builds up, and that just propels you to try harder to beat your current score.


The graphics in QuBe aren’t anything that special, but at this point in time, we’ve learnt that this doesn’t have to be a bad thing. The game has been laid out well, and it’s easy on the eyes. Soundwise, QuBe isn’t perfect, but it does have it’s own soundtrack and sound effects which help it to stand out from the crowd a little.

QuBe is free, and can be downloaded from either the iOS app store or the Google Play Store