Recently we have seen a lot of character portrayals of real life people within mainstream media that has caused conflicts with those the content is trying to portray, including movies like The Interview, which North Korean leader Kim Jun-Un has called an “act of war,” and an alleged portrayal of Lindsey Lohan in Grand Theft Auto V that has brought out lawsuits with Rockstar.

This week, former Panama soldier and dictator Manuel Noriega, filed a lawsuit against Activision for also portraying his likeness as a character in Call of Duty Black Ops 2. In Black Ops 2, a character of the same name as Manuel Noriega is portrayed as a “murderer and enemy of the state,” according to Noriega.

In Black Ops 2, the likeness between the real life Manuel Noriega is very clear, and it’s certain that Activision were portraying his character within a fictional world to perhaps try and help players feel more immersed with the otherwise fictional story the game is based on.

Noriega was seen as a close ally with the US in real life, however his aggression and violence towards his enemies and even civilians forced the US to drop their alliance, which then lead to the US invasion of Panama in 1989.

Manuel Noriega, now 80, is portrayed in Black Ops 2 as an ally who ends up betraying the CIA, and this has lead Noriega to seek damages and lost profits from Activision, as his claims suggest Activisions’ portrayal of Noriega’s character helped to boost sales and increase profit.

Whether this is true or not is at the moment not a major concern, as Noriega’s case doesn’t have much ground, according to the BBC, because Noriega is not an American citizen.

The truth is, if you paint yourself out to be an aggressive individual with violent tendencies who’s known to kill, like Noriega, you can’t exactly expect anybody to paint a good picture of you. What are your thoughts on this whole predicament?