Our overall verdict "Good"

Box Bounce is a brand new indie iOS arcade game developed by Rob White. The game has a few interesting concepts to it, but overall it’s a very simple experience that offers gameplay that can be picked up and played at literally any point in time.

At first glance, Box Bounce reminded me greatly of another game I recently reviewed, Flea Flee Gold. If you played Flea Flee Gold, you’ll definitely see the similarities.

In Box Bounce the only objective, as you may have already guessed, is to bounce a box across the screen as smoothly as possible. The difficulty behind this is that you must bounce the box off of a set of laid out rectangles that have gaps within them and have varying sizes, too.


In Box Bounce you will need to time your jumps carefully to ensure that you either don’t fall down a gap, or hit the side of a rectangle and get propelled backwards and off the edge of the screen.

From what I’ve described so far, Box Bounce sounds incredibly simple, and whilst this is true, the game can still be very addictive, and the fast paced nature of the gameplay keeps you challenged.


I think the most interesting concept of Box Bounce is the way you control the box on screen. By holding down on the screen, you apply pressure to the box, and the more pressure that is applied, the harder the box is bounced, the more speed it picks up, and the further it gets propelled forward.

Players can opt for a slow approach that relies on as little pressure as possible, a super-speed full pressure approach, or anywhere in between, and this level of control is what makes Box Bounce unique.

You can pick up Box Bounce for free from the iOS store here.