We reviewed Out There when it was released back in February, and it’s still one of our favorite games of the year. If you’ve been bouncing around the stars for months you’ll be thrilled to know a new update is on the way, but that’s not the only good news from Mi-Clos Studios.

The Omega Edition update is headed to mobiles and it’s bringing some cool new content to the table. You’ll encounter strange new alien races on your journey, and they’ve even thrown some new endings in for good measure. This is good news even if you haven’t beaten the others yet. What’s more, there will be over 50 additional events added to the game along with an extended sountrack.

The other piece of news to note is the long-rumored PC version of Out There. It’s coming, and it’s souped up as it will have all the new content and it’s built using a new graphics engine. The PC version is already up for pre-order on the official site, and you can find the game on Greenlight as well so go give it a vote.

The Out There Omega Edition update is expected to roll out for mobiles sometime in August, and it’s free if you’ve already purchased the game through the App Stores or via the Bundle. If you haven’t played it yet, there’s no time like the present, and it will be the best $3.99 you’ve ever spent if you dig moody space-based adventures.

Out There