Ubisoft have just rolled out a new update for their popular free trading card strategy game, Might & Magic Duel of Champions. Code named Griffin Bane, the new update brings a whole suite of new content to Might & Magic, including a total of 100 new cards, six completely new heroes and a general overhaul to the gameplay mechanics.

Interestingly, the new Griffin Bane ¬†update for Might & Magic Duel of Champions will allow players to gain cards at a much faster pace than before, and unlocking each faction can now be accomplished by simply defeating a quick match game against each corresponding faction. It’s clear that Ubisoft are attempting to make Might & Magic Duel of Champions more accessible for new players in the Griffin Bane update, and in theme with this, the new update will remove pre-made faction decks from the game store.

Players will simply have to complete achievements to unlock these decks going forth.

A total of 100 new cards is a little too much to go into, but from our first overview, there are a lot of decent additions to the card library thanks to Griffin Bane, including a new card ability called “stacking.”

Stacking cards in the Griffin Bane update will be capable of combining with one another to create cards with a combined attack, retaliation and health value.

If you didn’t know already, Might and Magic Duel of Champions can be picked up from the app store for free, and the Griffin Bane update is already live.

Hopefully the new Griffin Bane update for Might and Magic Duel of Champions should draw in more players, as the game is starting to feel a little empty now that many great competitors like Order and Chaos Duels or Hearthstone are on the market. If neither of the two aforementioned titles took your fancy, you should definitely give Might & Magic a go instead.