Our overall verdict "Good"

A small development team by the name of Ghost Crab Games have just released a brand new iOS and Android game called Bungle! In Bungle! players must actively tap the screen at routine times to build up score and unlock new levels. You will be given a character in Bungle! that moves from left to right repeatedly, and you must attempt to tap the screen each time the character walks into the highlighted areas.

When you first start Bungle! you’ll begin with a life guard character on the beach. Each time you tap the screen whilst in a highlighted area, your score will increase, and the life guard throws a dingy into one of the piles at either end of the screen. If you tap whilst you’re not in the highlighted area, the life guard will be subjected to the sharp claws of a lobster, and the game will end.


This back and forth gameplay remains the same throughout Bungle! however players will reach new ‘jobs’ which show off different characters in varying job environments. From window cleaners to chefs, I think Ghost Crab Games have done fine work¬†with providing a variety of different back drops for us to stare at whilst we play.

To make things a little more complex, you’ll also have the opportunity to pick up a few different power-ups whilst playing Bungle! These power ups will float across the screen, and to activate them players must tap them, which at times can be difficult as players must take their main focus off of the highlighted bar for a few seconds to do this.

Power-ups can modify the game slightly to slow things down, prevent deaths when non-highlighted areas are touched or put the player into ‘mega zone’ mode that allows the player to earn 3 points per screen tap.


Despite the game being o-so simple, there’s something about the changing backdrops and increasingly fast nature of the game that draws us in for extended periods of time. It’s easy to get lost within Bungle! and I think that’s what makes it so appealing. Some may unwind at the end of the day with a book, or an episode of their favorite TV comedy, but more and more people around the world are using games like this as a replacement.

There are no IAPs in Bungle! and you can’t spend your earned points on any new gear or unlockables, so we’re left with nothing but the very core gameplay experience. Surprisingly though, like many games with simple concepts like this one, Bungle! can prove to be quite addictive. You can get Bungle! from the iOS app store now for free, however the game does come with adverts that can be removed with a one-off $1.99 purchase.