Mojang have managed to take the world by storm with their popular PC game Minecraft, so it was no surprise that the Pocket Edition version has managed to stay in the top grossing charts ever since it’s launch. Despite it’s great success, compared to the PC and console versions, Minecraft Pocket Edition has severely been lacking content.

However, that is about to change as Mojang have just announced their release plans for Minecraft Pocket Edition Update 0.9.0, which has been dubbed the biggest update the game has seen so far. Update 0.9.0 for Minecraft Pocket Edition will roll out to both the iOS and Google Play app stores on July 10th, and it will bring a whole host of features we’ve seen on the main PC version.

Among many of the new features, the ones that stand out include infinite worlds, dozens of new biomes and underground cave systems. In the current version of Minecraft Pocket Edition, worlds are very limited in size, so the sudden step up to infinite worlds in update 0.9.0 will be a real treat for players.

minecraft pocket edition 0.9.0

Mojang have also managed to fit in a few new mobs into update 0.9.0, including villagers, wolves, endermen and slime cubes. Along with the new villagers, pre-generated villages can be found scattered around the infinite worlds just like in the PC version of Minecraft.

When update 0.9.0 releases, Minecraft Pocket Edition will still be missing many other features that have already made it into the PC and console versions of the game, including enchanting, horses & horse riding, villager trading, and the nether and any mobs found within the nether.

If you want to read the full update 0.9.0 change notes for Minecraft Pocket Edition, you can do so by visiting Mojang’s blog. Minecraft Pocket Edition can also be picked up from the iOS app store for $6.99.