World of Tanks has held the spot as one of the best World War competitive tank games for at least a few years now; it has captivated the PC player base, rolled over to consoles, and now it’s finally giving the mobile scene a taste of it’s fiery power. Wargaming, the development studio behind World of Tanks Blitz has been working tirelessly on the project for many months now, and after such a long wait, I can imagine they are very excited to finally unveil the game to the rest of the world.

World of Tanks Blitz was first announced by Wargaming last year in May, making it perhaps one of the longest development times for a mobile game yet. The mobile World of Tanks game had already soft launched onto many European markets, including Denmark, Norway, Finland, Iceland and Sweden, but today the game has finally hit the app store worldwide.


Despite World of Tanks Blitz being a mobile based title, a lot of the gameplay feels very similar to that found in the main PC version, so World of Tanks fans should feel right at home when playing Blitz.

As expected, World of Tanks Blitz can be picked up from the app store for free, and it comes with over 90 different tanks across the USSR, Germany and the United States, eight battle arenas unique to World of Tank Blitz, 7v7 PVP combat, and many other great features. It will be interesting to see if World of Tanks Blitz gains as much traction as the full PC version did. The game certainly offers a lot of content, but bridging the gap from PC to a smartphone touch interface can be a risky move.