Crescent Moon Games have consistently brought unique games to mobiles, and they’ve got a new project up on Kickstarter called The Deer God. Fans of pixel art will love this one, and its one of the more interesting game concepts we’ve seen pop up this year.deer.god-2

The Deer God is about a hunter and his prey – a deer. During a hunting trip something goes awry, an 80s style identity swap takes place, but hilarity does not ensue. Yup, you start out as the hunter, but apparently turn into the deer through a freak accident. The game is described as a “survival platformer” and the backdrops are stunning as you can see from the screens. Did we mention it features a randomly generated 3D pixel world?deer god

The random environments are just one of the cool aspects of The Deer God. The landscape is filled with all sorts of pixelated creatures, and you’ll encounter several types of deer in your journey. Mating is mentioned along with Stag fighting and a mystical elder deer. There are plenty of hunters, of course, and the game uses a “Day and Night” cycle, which fits the vibe of the game perfectly.

Exploration seems to play a part of Deer God, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Karma plays a role in things as your behavior can change the way you reenter the world when you kick the bucket. If you’re an evil deer, you may respawn as a lesser creature and quickly meet your demise. Luckily, you’ll have some powers on hand to help you stay alive, including ice bombs and divine antlers.deer.god-3

The Deer God has just kicked off its Kickstarter run, and the minds behind it need $26,000 to bring the game to life. There are several stretch goals already in place as well, including additional powers, deer customization, and console ports. They’ll even throw it on the Rift if they hit $150,000.deer.god-1

If you’re interested in helping The Deer God become a reality (you should be), you can head on over to the official Kickstarter page and show your support. At this time the only platforms mentioned for The Deer God are PC, Mac and Linux, but we assume it will come to iOS and Android as well.

The Deer God