The LEGO game series has helped to revitalize the company behind the famous line of plastic construction toys, and despite there now being a LEGO version of pretty much every popular movie franchise that has hit the cinema, LEGO are still going full steam ahead. The latest LEGO game release was Marvel Superheroes, and it received quite a few positive reviews.

For those looking for that same LEGO experience whilst on the go, you may be interested to hear that a brand new mobile based title, LEGO Marvel Superheroes: Universe in Peril has just been released for iOS.

marvel superheroes 2

The new iOS release is pretty much a direct port of the PS Vita and 3DS versions of the game, which have been out since late last year. When compared to the full console version of LEGO Marvel Superheroes, it’s clear that Universe in Peril is quite limited, so if you’re expecting a full LEGO video game experience, you’ll be better off investing in the console version.

However, if you’re a fan of either LEGO or the Marvel universe, you may see yourself drawn to Universe In Peril, and from a first look, it certainly doesn’t look like an unenjoyable experience, especially for a mobile title.

If you are interested in LEGO Marvel Superheroes: Universe in Peril, you will have to invest $4.99 into the title, which if you think about it, isn’t a bad price at all, considering the 3DS version goes for the price of a full retail console game. The game does come with a few IAPs, though, unfortunately.

If you want to check LEGO Marvel Superheroes: Universe in Peril out, you can do so here.