Pigs can be cute, but they aren’t necessarily thought of as agile beasts. They can’t fly, but the piggy hero of Chillsters Pigs Can’t Fly has a set of supernatural wings. He’s also trapped in Hell – it’s an interesting game.pigs.cant.fly-1

Pigs Can’t Fly is a one-tap game that has you trying to free an imprisoned piggy from the depths of Hell. Not a place you want to be, especially if you’re a walking piece of bacon. Luckily, you’ve got some wings which can set you free, if you have the skills to make it through the underworld.

If you enjoyed Flappy Bird, you’ll be very familiar with the mechanics of Pigs Can’t Fly. You tap the wings on the side of the screen to send your pig airborne with the goal of making it to the end of each level. It is definitely not easy, and you’ll have to get through 80 levels of frustration to set the pig free.pigs.cant.fly-2

Pigs Can’t Fly is like Flappy Bird with levels, a cool backdrop, and great graphics. It’s a solid game if you’re looking for a challenge, and there’s plenty of depth between the levels, skins and achievements. Needless to say, you’ll want to give it a look if you’re a fan of tough one-tap games.

No idea on the price difference between the two platforms, but you can pick up Pigs Can’t Fly for $3.64 on Google Play or $2.99 on the App Store.