dnf_vegas_1 I’m not talking about the fans that have been waiting a very long time for this title. Those who played the PC version of Duke Nukem 3D will proudly “Hail to the king, baby!.” I’m leaning more towards gaming sites and blogs that have seen previews or perhaps even played the game and immediately write it off as an inferior product. Just what are they comparing it to? Could it be that most sources are simply shunning the game because it just happens to be a first-person shooter, and therefore are comparing it to the likes of a Call of Duty or something from the Halo franchise? If so, they’ve got it all wrong and need to look at what is really important to gamers.

Duke Nukem is a gaming icon just like any other. Good or bad, I believe every gamer should get a chance to experience the atmosphere that one man (in a video game) can create and inspire in a world of gamers, assuming they’re the proper age for the material, of course. Problem is, it is going to take the gamers to really make that happen. Much like how the Wii gets stomped on for having too much shovelware, but still manages to have some of the year’s top selling games, should come as a surprise to the media outlets that look the other way at games that have even the slightest hint of motion controls. I know this isn’t the same crowd that would be interested in a FPS, but the idea is still the same. People see a game that has been in limbo for a number of years and immediately assume the worst. Gamers and fans of the Duke Nukem 3D titles can really make DNF a successful launch and encourage Gearbox and 2K to keep the franchise alive.