If you read the headline instead of blindly clicking your way across the internet, you already know what the deal is. It’s not a typo, and apparently it’s not a late April Fool’s day joke as Glu Mobile is teaming up with the Kardashian clan for a Kim Kardashian game.

Little is known about the Kim Kardashian game aside from the fact that it’s a game involving the most famous Kardashian. One would assume shopping will somehow play a part in the game along with Paparazzi, and the photo leads us to believe it will be called Kim Kardashian Hollywood. Kardashian tweeted the news out earlier today, and Glu did the same soon after so we know it exists.

I have no doubt that people will download the Kim Kardashian game when it’s released, and while I won’t be one of them, it will be fun reading the comments that are bound to pop up across the net. Games that let you become a “Star” are actually pretty damned popular in the App Store so the game could turn out to be a bigger hit than the next season of the reality TV show.