Our overall verdict "Good"


Last week Rovio dropped the newest game in the Angry Birds franchise, and after spending the weekend with the game, we’re back with our Angry Birds Epic review.

Angry Birds Epic takes you on a journey through Piggy Island where you’ll do turn-based battle against all sorts of pigs. You’ve got Scottish pigs, tribal pigs, wizard pigs, and healer pigs. There are more pigs than you can shake a stick at in Angry Birds Epic – luckily taking them down is as simple as dragging your finger across the screen.angry birds epic

Rovio managed to bring the Angry Birds gameplay into Epic, and it makes the turn-based battles a breeze. To attack a piggy, you’ll just drag a line from the character in your party to the proper pig. It’s simple, but works well and there’s even an ‘auto’ button if you decide to do a bit of grinding for crafting purposes.

Other than the drag-attack, you can tap your bird to use their defensive power or drag a bird onto another to activate a buff if available. There’s a chili pepper gauge that fills up a bit each time you take a turn or get hit, but that’s about it in terms of the mechanics. Nice and simple.Screenshot_2014-06-12-16-03-33

Once a battle is complete you get to spin a wheel for a chance to win loot based on how many stars you’ve earned on that level. This is where the crafting begins along with the IAP’s. Different areas on the map hold different types of resources, and you’ll need a combination of them to craft potions, weapons, shields and other items. There are a lot of resources in the game, and there’s a lot of gear as well.Screenshot_2014-06-12-16-34-57

Just like in the regular series, each bird in the game has a different skillset. Changing a characters hat will change their class along with their abilities, and there seems to be five different hats for each bird. Needless to say, the hats and gear play an important part of Angry Birds Epic as there are some extremely challenging levels later in the game.Screenshot_2014-06-12-22-10-00

As for the levels… there are a lot of them. The whole game takes place on one big map, and at around 10 hours in I’d guess I’m only around halfway through – I really have no idea. There are locked pig gates, locked friend gates, shops, ships, islands and a golden pig on a cloud that follows you around. There is a surprising amount of depth and there’s no way humanly possibly you could get through the game in one sitting. You have to sleep eventually.Screenshot_2014-06-13-23-17-26

Angry Birds Epic has lots of battles, cool gear, awesome animations, and plenty of in-app purchases. There are a few videos you can watch to get a leg up before or during battle, but usage is limited so you can’t go nuts with it. Lucky Coins and Friendship Essence are the two main types of premium currency you’ll deal with in Epic along with the easier to acquire snoutlings. It’s definitely not the worst setup we’ve seen, but it’s front & center.Screenshot_2014-06-12-22-32-18


Surprising would be the word that sums up Angry Birds Epic for me. There’s tons of content in the game and while things move rather quickly, it’s balanced and I haven’t hit too many roadblocks that couldn’t be overcome by repeating a few levels. The characters, backdrops and animations are all top-notch, and it’s definitely a title that gamers young and old can enjoy.

As for the freemium aspect, you don’t need to buy anything to beat the game, but it will make life easier if you drop a few bucks on lucky coins. Angry Birds Epic is a solid game that’s well worth a look, and you can pick it up for free on Google Play or the App Store.