Remember the Steam Machines? Gamers got excited when they were first announced as it looked to be a good way to get PC gaming into the living room. Things might have been delayed a bit, but a new Steam-based handheld is apparently on the way with the SteamBoy.

The SteamBoy was shown off at E3 amid all the next-gen announcements and gaming news. The device looks like someone smacked a Vita in the middle of a Steam controller, and it will allow you to play (some) Steam games while you’re out and about. It is not a pocket PC, but the specs aren’t half bad.steamboy-project

The Escapist got the lowdown on what might be under the hood of the SteamBoy when it’s released. A quad-core processor, 4GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage were mentioned, and the display is said to be a 5-inch touchscreen. Depending on the processer, you’re looking at specs on par with a high-end smartphone.

While the SteamBoy won’t run any old Steam game, it should have more than enough power to handle plenty of games when coupled with the Steam OS. There’s been no word on pricing, but the team behind the handheld has said they expect it to be released in 2015.

Via – Pocketgamer, Escapist