The geniuses at Custom Bar Guys, Inc. have created what could possibly be the greatest video game machine of all time. They have created a hand built arcade cabinet that combines (for those of legal drinking age) video games and alcohol. Sparked your interest? If so, you are going to love what they call ‘The Gamerator’. “Gamerator is the best of both worlds, bringing two of life’s greatest joys together in an awesome way,” said Jaime Mather, co-founder of the Custom Bar Guys. “We strived to create a high-end product that uses top quality materials and equipment. We achieve that by custom building each unit by hand and in doing so, we believe the Gamerator is the greatest fusion of beer and gaming ever!”

Each Gamerator machine has a built-in tap and refrigerated inside space for housing a standard size keg filled with your drink of choice. All units come equipped with two cup holders, a 26″ flat-panel HDTV, dual arcade joysticks, and trackball hardware. Castlevania, Street Fighter 2 Champion Edition, and Gauntlet are among the mentioned over 85 licensed arcade titles that are pre-programmed in the machine. If that is not enough, each unit is running Windows-based software that will allow for adding additional games, programs, and online accessibility to satisfy most any needs. With an adapter, almost any gaming console could be hooked up to the Gamerator and expand the possibilities for leisure gaming with friends.

If you want to get your hands on your very own Gamerator, they will run you a base price of $3,499, but you are welcome to customize your machine to your own likes. Visit for more details, and drool over some of the photos of the unit below :


Gamerator_1 Gamerator_3 Gamerator_4

Gamerator_5 Gamerator_6 Gamerator_7