Dawngate.  It’s a MOBA that is exactly the same as every other MOBA on the market.  Shown at EA’s E3 press conference, Dawngate is a MOBA that, by EA’s own admission, doesn’t do anything particularly new or interesting with the genre.  Waystone Games, the team behind Dawngate, is proud of the fact that they’re made of mostly former professional League of Legends players and are focusing on making a game that appeals to the hardcore LoL players.  But really, if you’re making a game that’s trying it’s damnedest to be a clone of a another game then why even bother?

I can’t really blame EA or Waystone Games for not innovating; the MOBA is a genre where tradition is valued.  Players are extremely dedicated to the genre and any deviations are not exactly looked upon kindly.  It’s also not a genre that’s particularly in need of change – the mechanics are well defined and work perfectly with regards to what the game is trying to do, yet are deep enough that even after hundreds of hours you are still learning and adapting.

It’s also no surprise that EA wants in on this market.  After all, League of Legends is currently the most played multiplayer game on the planet and every big publisher is scrambling to get their own version onto the market.  But that’s just the thing: With so many MOBAs on the market, do we really need another one?  If you’re one of the tens of millions of players that play League of Legends or DOTA 2, what reason do you have to abandon all the time and money you’ve put into your game just to start again in a different skin?  What if you’re like me and haven’t gotten aboard the MOBA train?  I somehow doubt that the same game, only this time with a smaller community, is finally going to entice us to start playing.

The Multiplayer Online Battle Arena may be the hot genre right now, but at this point we just don’t need another one.  The genre is so in depth that complex that very few people are ever going to have the time or energy to commit to more than one game, even if you did manage to get them to give it a chance.  It will likely end up being an exact clone of what everyone is already playing, making Dawngate the most unnecessary game imaginable.