Our overall verdict "Excellent"

I remember vividly the first day I got my hands on a brand new Xbox 360 – for me, it was a huge leap; the console just seemed amazing. However, at the time, there really weren’t many games that held my interest. Instead, I found myself clocking dozens of hours on a free arcade game that came pre-installed with my console. The game was called Hexic, and it was a tile matching puzzle game that I loved playing.

Fast forward to today, and I’ve come across a brand new tile matching puzzle game that has a similar concept and theme to Hexic, with it’s own twists and set of gameplay modes. This time round, the game was available for iOS, and it goes by the name of Polygon Evolution. I’ve spent the last two hours within Polygon, and I love it. Here’s why.


When you first start up Polygon Evolution, you’re greeted with a very welcoming tutorial that puts you through your paces and teaches you the concept of the game. The tutorial is a little longer than most arcade games currently on the iOS store, but there’s a good reason for it; Polygon Evolution has a pretty complicated system behind it, and whilst it may look like any old tile matching puzzle game at a glance, there’s a lot more to it.

In Polygon Evolution, you must match sets of the same polygon in straight lines of three to transform those three into one single polygon of the next tier. There are multiple tiers in Polygon Evolution, and as you can guess, it can take a while to get anywhere past the first three tiers, because you are only given the first tier to place down.


To make things more interesting, every now and then black tiles appear on the screen that have a mind of their own. Instead of just being an annoying block that gets in the way of your progress like in any other tile matching puzzle game, the black tiles in Polygon Evolution act as another player, with the same goals as you. The AI tiles will end up blocking and stealing your progress, but you can take advantage of their progress too, or wipe them out completely by getting a triangle polygon; the fourth tier shape.

Polygon Evolution also comes with a wide range of game modes including classic, expert, single device multiplayer, and even online multiplayer, making it one of the better developed indie arcade titles I’ve seen in a while. Polygon also comes with a wide range of themes that can be purchased with real cash, but the original theme is pleasing enough on the eye.


The greatest thing about Polygon Evolution is that it’s practically all free; there aren’t any strict boundaries between what content you can and can’t access, and apart from an optional ‘get out of jail free card’ item that allows you to place down a triangle in-game, all IAPs are purely cosmetic. You can download Polygon Evolution here.