Whilst there’s still little details on the possible mobile port of Final Fantasy VII, Square Enix have just recently released a brand new mobile title that’s set in the Final Fantasy universe. The new game surprisingly breaks free from the well known genre Final Fantasy has been known for, and instead gives us an ‘endless runner’ racing experience. The new title has been called Final Fantasy VII G-Bike and it takes the gameplay from a mini game found in the Gold Saucer amusement park in the full game, and turns it into it’s own standalone experience.


Final Fantasy VII G-Bike feels very similar to the original mini game it was based on, however a few tweaks have been made to the game to incorporate it onto the mobile platform properly. For example, in G-Bike, players will now be able to use on-screen controls to make the bike jump and slide on the track, and there will also be a currency system that will allow players to purchase and customize new bikes. G-Bike will be a free-to-play title, so we can probably expect a plethora of in-app purchases related to the in-game customization options.


In Final Fantasy VII G-Bike, there will also be a variety of different race tracks to race on, and each track will come with it’s own set of enemies.

This is an interesting move for Square Enix, and we may end up seeing more Final Fantasy VII mini games being ported over to mobile, instead of a full game port. So far, no release date has been set for G-Bike, but we’ll probably hear more about it in the following few months.