Like a tough game that will make you pull at your hair and toss your device against the wall? Terry Cavanagh is familiar with that genre, and one of his coolest games has just landed on Android. Prepare to meet VVVVVV.vvvvvv-2

VVVVVV is a platform game with an old-school flair from the man behind the madness known as Super Hexagon. The graphics may look simple, but that’s just a ruse to lure you in before you want to slam your head against a wall. Why’s it so tough? Because there’s no jumping in VVVVVV,  just falling and dying.

Captain Viridian is the hero of VVVVVV and while he can’t jump, he can reverse the direction of gravity which is what you’ll do in order to find your five missing crew members. It’s probably going to be the toughest rescue attempt of your gaming career, so expect to die a lot. You were warned.vvvvvv-3

If you become easily frustrated by challenging games, you’ll want to stay away from this one. If you love a tough game that’s going to really give you a sense of accomplishment when you beat it, you need to zip on over to Google Play and pick up VVVVVV immediately.

VVVVVV for Android