Timers have become a staple of mobile gaming, for better or worse. Not all timers work the same though, and you’ll quickly find that out in a game like RedShift from Belief Engine.redshift android

RedShift is a game about fire and time. You play an engineer stuck in a bad situation as you’ve become stuck in an energy plant that’s about to blow. You’ll only have a few minutes to find 5 override switches in the facility before the core explodes, and unfortunately you’re the last man standing. Did we mention your only gear is a fire suit?Screenshot_2014-06-11-21-02-37

When you fire up a game of RedShift, your only goal is to find the 5 override switches and shut them down before you’re sent to a fiery grave. You simply need to walk around the plant and look in rooms until you find the switches and press a button on the screen to activate them. Once you get all 5 it’s off to the core, but the clock never stops ticking and you’re going to have to deal with fire at every turn.

There are no weapons or power-ups in RedShift, but you will find Fire Extinguishers in crates and lockers scattered about the facility. The fire is spread throughout the level, so you’ll have to pick and choose which ones you can put out. As you’d expect, it’s not that easy as more often than not you’ll have to try and find an extinguisher to get past a corridor blocked off by fire.Screenshot_2014-06-11-21-03-07

RedShift doesn’t have any levels as the facilities layout is randomly generated each time out. You do get to take on four different “Entry’s” that throw different curveballs your way. That’s about it in the depth department aside from 11 achievements and leaderboards for all four entries.Screenshot_2014-06-10-22-50-10

RedShift is a tense little mobile game that will keep you zoned in for hours as you try to beat the timer and get to that last switch before the facility goes up like a roman candle. It takes a bit of a hit in the depth department, but it’s got a cool vibe and keeps you entertained for a while.

If you want to give it a whirl, you can pick up RedShift for free on Google Play.