What a day!  E3 2014 is in full-swing and the press conferences have occured.  Microsoft, Sony, Ubisoft, and EA have each put on an event to showcase their upcoming games and give gamers a taste of what they can expect in the coming year.  Trailers are big parts of these events, giving us glimpses of the games we’re all so excited to see.  With so many awesome trailers shown so far we’ve gone ahead and picked out the best of the best – the trailers that get us the most excited for the future and, frankly, some trailers that are just cool as hell.

First up is the trailer for Assassin’s Creed Unity.  Shown at Ubisoft’s conference this morning, this trailer puts us in the middle of the French Revolution and introduces multiple, co-op assassins – a first for the series.

Next up we have the trailer for Sunset Overdrive.  Shown at the Microsoft conference early this morning, this trailer goes a long way towards showing just how damn fun the game is going to be.

The Crew is next. This trailer showcases the open world racer’s massive scale; All of America is drivable. From Miami to LA and everything in between.

Now we have another Ubisoft title, The Division.  This beautifully animated stop-motion trailer brings us into this world of post-apocalyptic New York and shows us what happened all while telling a surprsingly engaging story.

An unexpected hit at the Sony conference, Dead Island 2 pairs an incredibly catchy song with some light humour and zombie action.  What’s not to love?

Finally, the best trailer shown today was the incredible Far Cry 4 trailer that introduces us to the villain. even though the trailer is only five and a half minutes long, we get to meet and be subsequently terrified by Ubisoft’s new antagonist. If you watch no other trailer from this list, please make it this one.

Looking at the list, we can confidently say that Ubisoft knows how to make great trailers. We’re looking forward to playing every one of these games and can’t wait to try them out on the show floor.  Let’s hope we’re continued to be wowed by the rest of E3.