The man behind VVVVV, the popular 2D puzzle platformer game, has just revealed something incredibly exciting over on his Twitter page. Terry Cavanagh announced that VVVVVV will be finally making it’s way over to Android, iOS and the OUYA console. The release for the mobile version of VVVVVV has been set for June 12th, however Cavanagh also announced on his development blog that he has plans to release another project that has been kept secret, and everything about this new title will be revealed alongside the mobile release of VVVVVV this Thursday.


The mobile port of VVVVVV was announced a few months ago after many fans requested for the simple 2D puzzler to be ported over to smartphones, and Terry Cavanagh has most likely been working on it since. However, we have not heard anything else about Cavanagh’s plans, and the announcement of a new project certainly comes as a surprise to us.


Terry Cavanagh was also the mind behind the incredibly popular Super Hexagon title which could arguably be one of the best mobile arcade games of all time, so it will be exciting to see what new game will come from Cavanagh’s development team, Distractionware. The new game is more than likely going to be some kind of arcade title, but it’s unclear what platform the game will be released on, if it’s even a game at all. It would make sense for the new project from Terry Cavanagh to be released for both mobile and Steam this time round, as this would save his development team and many fans months worth of trouble.