When Sony and Microsoft launched their next-gen consoles, pricing was a huge issue for some as they Xbox One was more expensive than the Ps4 due to the Kinect. Today, that changed as Microsoft is offering a Kinect-less bundle.

Microsoft promised a new Xbox One bundle without the Kinect, and today they delivered. The new bundle will get a price cut of $100, which drops the price to $400 – right in line with the PlayStation 4. At the moment, Sony is leading the next-gen charge and has outsold Microsoft, but the cheaper bundles could help to even the playing field in the coming months.

As E3 is kicking off, the timing of the price cut is perfect as many new games are expected to be shown off at the big show. A lot of gamers really didn’t care of the whole Kinect experience, and the cheaper bundle without the Kinect should turn some heads Microsoft’s way. Expect Microsoft to talk about the Xbox One and the Kinect today at E3 when they throw their press conference.