The concept of a mobile MOBA game is certainly not new – Gameloft have already created such an experience with Heroes of Order and Chaos, but whilst the gameplay in this game is perfect MOBA content, it’s control scheme is a bit wonky, and the way it eats your battery incredibly quickly makes it a game you’ll only ever play at home, which then leads you to wonder why you’re not sat at your computer playing a real MOBA game instead, such as League of Legends or Dota.

vainglory 1

However, it seems Gameloft aren’t the only development studio to try cashing in on the MOBA space. In fact, a new development team by the name of Super Evil Megacorp have plans to make their very own mobile MOBA game for iOS and Android, and the most exciting thing about this is that SEM has a bunch of industry veterans on their team, including developers from Rockstar and Riot Games, the company behind League of Legends.

The new mobile MOBA game by Super Evil Megacorp has been titled Vainglory, and from what I can make of it from the teaser trailer, the gameplay actually looks quite good. I had a shot at Gameloft’s Heroes of Order and Chaos, but the thing that made me put it down was the difficult control system.

vainglory 2

If you’re any good at either Dota or League of Legends, you’ll probably rely on quite a vast set of keybindings, and bringing that kind of experience to a very limited control platform such as a touch screen can be quite difficult. Let’s hope Super Evil Megacorp have a solution for this, because they are going full steam ahead with Vainglory, and it should be released some time in the near future.