Our overall verdict "Excellent"

Dungeon Crawlers are plentiful in the Play Store, and occasionally you’ll find one that does things a bit differently than the rest. Tales of the Adventure Company manages to do that, and it’s likely to keep you glued to the screen until you’ve beaten the game or your battery has run dry.

Tales of the Adventure Company is a weird concoction of and RPG puzzler with a little Disco Zoo thrown in for good measure. That’s a good thing if you dig old-school graphics and flipping tiles as there are a ton of pixely characters in the game and you never know if it’ll be friend or foe lying under the next tile.



When you start an episode, you’ll get a grid full of tiles that generally has one or two monsters along with a hero. Each character has a specific pattern, so it’s like battleship where you get a ‘hit’ and trace the pattern to uncover the rest. You don’t have to fight them when you find them, but you will have to take them out one at a time until you find the key to make it to the next floor.

Once you uncover a hero you can add them to your team, and if your team is full you’ll have the choice of dropping an old member for a new one. It’ a tough call as each hero has different abilities and all of them are useful. The enemies have abilities as well, and some of them are absolutely brutal. The Frost Totems were my least favorite.

Tales of the Adventure Company throws another twist into the mix with its turn-based system. Almost everything you do requires a turn, and while you start out with 99 of them, than can definitely run out before you hit the boss at the end of the episode.

You’ll have to manage using your turns on heroes, battles, tiles and healing (10 turns) your party which is easier said than done by the time you take on the evil Treant. The battles are turn-based as well, and can be over in an instant – strategy definitely comes into play.

tales of the adventure company


By the numbers, Tales of the Adventure Company has five different episodes with seven floor each. That’s a total of 35 levels of fun, and you’ve got some achievements and the leaderboard to boot. There’s definitely a bit of a replay factor as you’ll want to get the bonuses, and due to the fact that it’s random every time out. There are around 25 different types of monsters and 10 different heroes.


You have to watch out for the turn-limit as well as the monsters in Tales of the Adventure Company. There was a surprising amount of strategy involved and it’s tough, but loosens up nicely as you earn the bonuses and gain new characters. It will definitely keep you attached to your device for hours on end. There are no IAP’s to deal with either, what you see is what you get.

It’s not the longest game in the world, but that’s really the only knock I have with TotAC. It’s well worth a download as-is, but additional content down the road would definitely not be a bad thing.  If you want to check it out, you can pick up Slothwerks Tales of the Adventure Company for $1.99. It’s out on Android now, and will be available on iOS after midnight.

Tales of the Adventure Company (Android)


Update: New Episode has been added along with potions. Great to see so early after the games release!